2 States: The Story of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat

by Sweetu
(Bangalore, India)

2 States: The Story of my Marriage by Chetan Bhagat is a wittily written novel describing the ups and downs of an Indian marriage where the bride and the groom belong to two different communities.

The story is about a Punjabi groom falling in love with a Tamilian Brahmin bride while studying in a prestigious management institute. Both the families are dead-set against the marriage - but how things they encountered in their life are taken care of!

This book is lighthearted, enjoyable and also an eye-opener for all readers. The message is clear: that we in India are a conservative society and it takes strong determination and unconditional love to overcome the age-old stereotypical thinking.

Once you start reading, this book will hold on to you, and it may even keep you awake until you would complete it in one go! I recommend it for all the book club members because it is such a comical and good book where one starts laughing out loud at several incidents that happen!

Note from Megan, editor of the Book Club Guide

Thanks for reviewing this book, Sweetu. This sounds like an very interesting cultural story that would be a perfect book club choice!

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