Ways to Find a Book Club

There are many different ways to find a book club if you're interested in getting together with a group of like-minded people and discussing a book.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Recruit two friends to start a book club with you, have them ask two friends, and so on until you have enough members for your book club (8-15 is a good number of people to have in a book club).

  • Interested in starting a book club? Check out our step-by-step "starting a book club" checklist.

  • Post an ad in the "activity partners" section of Craigslist and wait for an email.

  • Speak with your local librarian. Libraries also have many ways to find a book club, including many that hold book club meeting right in the library.

  • Ask around. You'll be surprised which of your friends are in a book club that you might be able to join.

  • Search online. Many book clubs these days are "virtual". Search online for the type of book club you are looking for.

  • Post an ad on the bulletin board of your local coffee shop, library or book store. These are the places book readers most often hang out.

Using these methods, you're sure to discover a book club that will match your interests and be a fun way to share your love of books with others.

Interested in Discount Clubs?

Another type of book club is a mail-order or monthly book club. These are services that allow you to buy books directly from the publisher at discounted prices.

To learn more about the many discount book clubs available, visit our monthly book clubs web page.

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