Exactly What is a Book Club?

What is a book club? Good question.

Many people hear a lot of "buzz" about book clubs and are curious about joining one, but far fewer actually know what they are.

For people who love to read, book groups are a whole lot of fun!

Book Discussion Groups

Most book clubs are a group of people who may (or may not) know each other well.

They select a book to read during a specific time period. This could be every month, bi-monthly or quarterly.

Hey, if you really like to read (and you have the time) you could even meet once a week!

Plus, don't forget to choose the perfect book club name for your book group.

How Meetings Work

Book club meetings often happen in people's home, with members taking turns hosting the event.

Book clubs can also meet at local restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, libraries or even online in a "chat room."

Typically, the host will bring a list of discussion questions about the book to get the ball rolling, and book club members will chime in with their opinions.

Book club discussions really get you thinking about the book you read in new and interesting ways.

It's amazing how the different life experiences people bring to a book really affect their interpretation of the book.

Online Book Clubs

There are also many great online book clubs you can join, which will send you a new book based on your interests every so often.

>> Find a full list of monthly book clubs and learn more here.

This is a wonderful way to be introduced to new books that suit your personal tastes. Some people even join these online clubs together, and meet up to discuss the book they've all been sent.

Whether you're an avid reader or just getting back into reading, a book club is a great way to expand your literary horizons, meet new friends and share ideas!

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