Finding Book Club Names

Why choose book club names? At first, it may not seem like you need a name for your book discussion group. After all, the term "book club" says it all, right? Think again.

There are plenty of reasons for naming book clubs. First, you want it to appeal to potential members, so great, creative funny or clever names will help. Also, you want to give your club a sense of identity - and a name will do that, too.

Here are some ideas for great names.

Funny Names

To think of funny names, consider of what makes your group silly or unique. Do you all wear glasses. Become the "Four Eyes Book Club". Do you love laugh? Call yourselves the "Giggle Girls Book Club". If you meet at lunch, try "The Lunch Ladies."

Remember, it doesn't have to be serious ... just think about what makes you different from other book clubs out there!

Book Club Names

Clever Names

Clever names can play off book puns or contain plays on words. Some examples? The Book Worms Club, the Read It Club, the Library Ladies, Non-Fiction Nuts, Sci Fi Freeks and the Austen Aficionados.

Think of authors you like to read or great passages from books you love, and go from there.

Great Names

Don't stress out about coming up with the "perfect" name. Whatever name your group picks will be great, because it describes your members and what makes you unique.

Once you find your book club identity, a great name is sure to follow!

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