About Monthly Book Clubs

Do you have questions about monthly book clubs? First, let's start by considering what they are.

There are two types of clubs, one is a discount online club that sends you a book (sometimes one a month) at a discounted price.

The other type is a book discussion group - a group of people who get together to talk about a book selection once a month. We'll talk about both types of clubs here.

Discount Online Monthly Book Clubs

Joining an online book club has many benefits. These clubs are sometimes called "mail order book clubs".

There are many popular discount book services that cater to a wider variety of interests, and they are listed below.

When you join a book club, here's what you can generally expect:

  • Sign up and receive and introductory offer, usually several free books (you pay only shipping and handling).
  • Once a month you'll receive a featured selection. Some book clubs ask you to opt out of receiving the required selection, while many others now feature no automatic shipments, so you receive only the books you order.
  • You'll learn about books, read experts and author interviews in the book club's informative monthly catalog.
  • You'll have the option of purchasing additional books at discounted club prices. The club can offer you lower prices because you're buying direct from the publisher. Sometimes the books are altered in size from the book store editions to save even more money.
  • You'll agree to purchase a certain number of books from the book club. After that, you're free to cancel your membership.

This is a general idea of what to expect when joining a book club, but be sure to read your membership agreement so you know exactly what the terms of your club are.

Most Popular Online Book Clubs

General Interest Book Clubs

  • Doubleday Book Club
  • The Literary Guild
  • Quality Paperback Books Club
  • Book-of-the-Month Club

Genre Book Clubs

Monthly Book Clubs for Kids

  • Children's Book of the Month Club
  • Disney Book Club
  • Dr. Seuss Book Club
  • My First Steps to Learning Book Club

About Book Discussion Clubs

Maybe you're more interested in a book discussion club that meets once a month to talk about a selected book? Great!

Book discussion clubs work well with mail-order book clubs (you can purchase the books you'll be reading). Or, they can be completely separate.

The first step to joining this type of club is to find a book club or start a club.

Once you have your club, you must pick the books you want to read.

After that, all that's left to do is enjoy reading and talking about what you've read. The resources on this site will help you do exactly that!

Still Have Questions?

Discount Book Club Frequently Asked Questions.
If you still have questions about monthly book clubs, we've got you covered. Simply visit this page to view read common questions. Then, if you still have questions, submit it and we'll post an answer for you!

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