The Mosaico Book Club

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If you love to read books in Spanish, the Mosaico Book Club is a great choice!

In this article, you'll learn much more about how you can join, the benefits of club membership and whether the club is right for you.

How it Works

The club offers discounted prices on Spanish-language books. You save money with a great introductory package (more on that later) and discounted prices.

The club can offer low prices because you're buying directly from the publisher, which cuts down on the price markup by retailers.

The types of Spanish-language books you can buy include:

  • Bestselling fiction
  • News
  • Erotic
  • Health & Beauty
  • Cookbooks
  • Children's books
  • Much more!

There is lots of variety in the types of books you can choose, from the latest bestsellers to cookbooks on pastry-making to romance books.

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Joining Mosaico

Joining the club is simple and rewarding. When you join, you get any four books of your choice for just $1, plus a free umbrella and tote bag gift set. You can also pick a 5th book for 50% off the already-discounted club price.

After you join, simply buy a few more books at low club prices as outlined in your membership agreement. That's all you have to do!

If you buy several books every year, chances are you'll save money with Mosaico. Plus, books you order from the club make great gifts for family and friends.

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Other great benefits of the club include a members-only monthly magazine, book excerpts, recommendations and reviews, and frequent special offers.

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