About Mail Order Book Clubs

Mail order book clubs have come a long way in recent years.

In the "old days", these clubs offered good deals, but they were kind of a pain.

Each month, the club would send you a card with a book selection. If you did not want the selection, you had to mail back the reply card. If you forgot, you'd have a book (maybe one you didn't want) sent to you automatically. Not much fun!

These days, book clubs are much more user-friendly. Benefits of today's best discount book clubs include:

  • No automatic shipments.
  • Specific clubs tailored to your interests, including military, African American, mystery, science fiction, bestsellers, romance and more.
  • Great introductory deals, like four books for $1.
  • Competitive and discounted prices.
  • Extra bonuses like author interviews, catalogs with book recommendations and book excerpts.
  • Free enrollment gifts.
  • A wide selection of books available on the web.

These are some overall benefits of many of the top mail order book clubs.

Tip: Be sure to read the membership agreement for the club you choose carefully to see exactly what you're getting. Most of the time, you'll need to commit to buying a certain number of books at the regular price in order to get the introductory offers.

Book Clubs to Consider

Some of the most popular mail-order book clubs include:

  • Doubleday has a wide selection of bestsellers, genre fiction, general fiction and non-fiction, self-help, cookbooks and much more.
  • Dr Seuss and His Friends is a popular book club featuring books by the beloved children's author Dr. Seuss.
  • Rhapsody Book Club for romance readers.
  • Black Expressions Book Club focusing on African American literature.
  • Insight Out Book Club books for gay and lesbian readers.
  • The Science Fiction Book Club a great choice for sci fi and fantasy lovers.
  • Mosaico , for Spanish-language books.
  • The Literary Guild , for popular books at low prices.
  • The Good Cook for cookbooks and cooking reference.
  • Mystery Guild , a great choice for readers of mystery and suspense.
  • Crossings Book club , a great fit for Christian readers.

If you're a reader that reads and buys a lot of books (one or more per month), any of these clubs will probably save you money at the end of the year.

Not only do they offer great introductory deals, but they also offer discounts to members on a regular basis (above and beyond the prices you'll find on the website).

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