Military Book Clubs

Military book clubs bring the intricacy, strategy and suspense of warfare to life for readers.

Often, a group of people interested in reading military books will form a club, and read one book per month -- then, they'll get together at the end of each month to discuss what they've read.

Possible questions for a military book discussion group include:

  • Discuss the military strategies used in the book. Which worked and which didn't, and why?
  • Discuss the character's relationship with the military. Do they enjoy being part of the military, or does their attitude toward the military change through the book?
  • How does the military training affect the character's ability to survive or succeed in their mission?
  • How accurate do you think the book's depictions of the military were. If there were mistakes or inaccuracies, what were they?

If you're interested in starting a military history book club, check out this guide for starting a book club.

Discount Military Books

One good source of military books is The Military Book Club .

This club offers several benefits including a good introductory offer of four books for $1, extras like book excerpts and author biographies, a high-quality catalog with lots of good information and no automatic shipments.

Recommended Military Reading

There are many excellent military books being published every year.

Your reading selections will probably be based on part on your interests, for example elite forces, anti-terrorism, World War II, the Vietnam War, naval warfare or ground warfare. It will also depend on whether you prefer fiction or non-fiction.

Here are several military reading recommendations to get you started:

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