African American Book Clubs

African American book clubs are an exciting way to explore literature and meet new friends.

Your book club might choose to focus on literature written by black authors, or you may decide to read books from authors of all backgrounds.

How They Work

Like other book clubs, you may choose to meet at member's homes on a rotating schedule or to meet in a restaurant, coffee shop, book store, or other public location.

Recommended Reading

The African American literary tradition in the U.S. and around the world is powerful and rich.

Some famous black writers include:

  • Maya Angelou
  • James Baldwin
  • Amiri Baraka
  • Gwendolyn Brooks
  • Sterling Brown
  • Rita Dove
  • Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • Ralph Ellison
  • Robert Hayden
  • Langston Hughes
  • Zora Neale Hurston
  • Bob Kaufman
  • Jamaica Kincaid
  • Nella Larsen
  • Audre Lorde
  • Claude McKay
  • Toni Morrison
  • Jean Toomer
  • Richard Wright

Getting Started

If you're interested in starting a black book club, check out our starting a book club guide.

Monthly Book Club

If you're interested in joining a membership book club (sometimes called discount or monthly book clubs)where you can buy books directly from the publisher at discounted prices, you'll want to check the Black Expressions Book Club.

>> Learn more about how monthly book clubs work.

>> Learn more about the Black Expressions book club.

This is a club features book selections geared towards the African American audience, and provides great introductory offers.

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