Types of Book Clubs

When most people think about types of book clubs, they think about the traditional literary fiction book club that meets once a month.

But the fact is, many people enjoy reading books in a certain genre, including military, history, scifi, romance, Christian and much more.

When you enjoy doing something, you like to share that interest with others, right? That's where genre book clubs come in.

List of Genre Book Clubs

Here, you'll learn about the many different types of book clubs that may fit your interest.

When you find the genre of books your interested in, click the link to learn more about starting a book club that really meets your interests!

  • Christian Book Clubs are a place for Christian men and women get together, read Christian books, and share fellowship.
  • Childrens Book Clubs are a great way to introduce kids to the joys of reading.
  • African American Book Clubs focus on reading books by African American authors or about the African American experience.
  • Science Fiction book clubs allow sci fi fans to discuss the complex ideas presented in this genre.
  • History Book Clubs help bring the past alive for fans of historical literature.
  • Jane Austen Book Club In a 2007 film, a group of friends formed a Jane Austen Book Club. Learn more about the movie and learn how to start an Jane Austen reading group of your own.
  • Paperback Book Clubs can help your book group save money while enjoying the same quality books.
  • The Oprah Winfrey Book Club is a group for people who read selections by the popular celebrity talk show host.
  • Gardening Book Clubs are great for swapping stories and growing tips with others who share your passion.
  • Military Book Clubs focus on the dramatic stories of wars, battles, soldiers and officers.
  • Amazon Book Club learn about the many book club resources offered by this massive online bookseller.
  • Craft book clubs give crafters a place to get together and complete or discuss craft projects.
  • Discount book clubs are membership clubs that can save you money on books.
  • Book Clubs for Kids help children gain important skills at an early age.
  • Horror Book Clubs leave you with a sense of fear or dread, and are not for the faint of heart!
  • Mystery Book Clubs provide a dose of intrigue for fans of this suspenseful genre.
  • Comic Book Clubs aren't all fun and games! Today's comic book clubs can include serious, thought-provoking work like graphic novels.
  • Romance book clubs offer a chance for fans of this genre to compare notes on their favorite heart-stirring reads.
  • Stephen King Book Clubs are a popular single-author book club for fans of this prolific and popular writer.
  • Home and Garden Book Clubs are a great way to discover new housekeeping tips, recipes, decorating ideas, parenting techniques and more.
  • Cook book clubs can be one of the most interactive clubs, as members often get together to make a recipe from a cook book of choice.

This certainly isn't an extensive list of the types of book clubs out there. In fact, it's only the beginning!

All you really need to start a genre book club is a group of people who share your reading interests, whatever those might be.

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