Amazon Book Club Information

Amazon Book Club

While there is no official Amazon book club, the popular online bookseller does have a number of resources for readers and book groups.

Amazon Book Group Survey

The book club page has many useful reading group resources.

The first is a book group survey, where you can fill out information about your book group, such as what types of books you read, your favorite reading selections, and what kinds of resources you would like to see on the Amazon website.

This is a great way to help Amazon get more in tune with reading groups like yours.

Amazon Reading Group Recommendations

On the Amazon book group main page you can find a selection of good reading recommendations for your book discussion group. Many of these selections are also offered at a significant discount (30-percent off or more), and Amazon always gives free shipping on orders over $25.

Tip:If you are just interested in buying one book, maybe you could combine your order with other members of your book group to meet the $25 "Super Saver Shipping minimum?

Also along the left-hand column, you will find a listing of "book club picks by category". This includes topics such as science fiction, cooking, mystery, and teens. This is a very useful resource if you have a topical book group such as a cooking book club, a military book club, or a sci fi book club.

Reading Club Guides

The Amazon reading group page also has a small selection of discussion guides and author interviews for selected books. Find the author interviews along the left-hand column and the reading guides along the right-hand column.

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