Sci Fi Book Club Information

Genre book clubs like sci fi book clubs are becoming increasingly popular.

One thing that makes science fiction book clubs so interesting is the "science" element to the book creates a whole separate avenue for discussion that is typically not open in traditional fiction book clubs.

Questions For SciFi Books

For example, SciFi book club questions could include:

  • Where is the line between "science fact" and "science fiction" drawn in this book?
  • In what ways does the author make the the fictional scientific element of the book seem plausible?
  • How does the "science" of the book help drive the plot? How would this book be different without the "science fiction" element?
  • How do the characters react to the science fiction element of the book? Are they surprised by what is happening - why or why not?

Of course, all the standard book club discussion questions apply to science fiction book clubs as well.

Take the time to consider theme, plot, settings, turning points, and character motivation.

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