Craft Book Club Basics

A craft book club is a great choice for people who love crafts!

Whether you enjoy knitting, scrap-booking, crochet, jewelry-making, beading, quilting or sewing there are plenty of craft books available that you'll enjoy.

The most popular club is the Crafter's Choice Book Club. This club offers the following benefits:

  • No automatic shipments, you order what you want, when you want.
  • Discounted prices (up to 25% off craft books)
  • Introductory offers, like four craft books of your choice for $1.
  • Thousands of craft book choices (plus a selection of popular fiction, non-fiction and cooking books at discount prices as well.

When you join the Crafter's Choice club, you'll become a member.

As a member, you'll be required to buy a few more books at discounted club prices (read your membership agreement. Then, you can cancel at anytime. You'll also pay shipping on your orders.

>> Learn more about the Crafter's Choice Book Club

Crafting With Friends

Once you have your craft books, you can set up a craft club in the same way you set up an regular book club.

Get a group of friends who are interesting in crafting together, then pick a craft book to read each month. At the monthly meeting, discuss what you learned in the book.

If all the members of your club are members of the Crafter's Choice club, you can pick books available through the club to order.

Another fun idea is to have one person purchase the supplies for one craft found in the book each month. Then, everyone can do one of the book's crafts together while discussing the book and their other crafting projects.

If there are members who specialize in a certain type of craft, those members can pick a book about the subject and then teach the other members how to do that craft with a project in the book.

It's a great way to connect with crafting friends, learn new skills and have fun!

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