About Horror Book Clubs

What are horror book clubs? Generally, there are two types.

The first type of club is an online discount book service, where you sign up to become a member and receive discounted horror books in return, along with an introductory deal of free or nearly-free books.

The second type of club is sometimes referred to as a reading group, where you get a bunch of people with similar reading interests together to discuss a book selection.

Let's find out about both types of horror book clubs.

Discount Online Book Clubs for Horror Books

Horror books are one of the most loosely defined fiction genres. According to the Horror Writers Association, a horror novel is any book that evokes a feeling of fear or dread.

Perhaps because of this loose definition, there is not one online book club exclusively dedicated to horror. But, don't worry. There are several clubs that are great sources for horror fiction at discounted prices!

Online Book Clubs for Horror Novels

  • Doubleday Book Club is probably your best choice for horror. This is a general book club, with selections ranging from bestsellers to cookbooks, biographies and more. The club has an extensive selection of horror under the "mysteries and thrillers" section. Simply click on "Thrills and Chills" to see hundreds of horror books from authors like Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clark, Dean Kootz and more.
  • The Mystery Guild is also an option if your tastes run more toward mysteries and thrillers. This club doesn't have quite the selection of horror that the Doubleday book club has, but it does have books by Steven King, Brian King and Stephanie Meyer.
  • Literary Guild Book Club is another choice, especially if you like bargains. This club has a number of horror selections, and the club prices are always 50% off publisher's editions, a substantial discount.

Book clubs such as these are great deals for people who buy a number of books each year. Readers who purchase more than ten books a year will most likely come out ahead by joining these clubs.

The clubs work by giving members a discounted price on books, because you are buying directly from the publisher and cutting out the middleman. The introductory deals are usually very good, often four books for $1 (you pay shipping and handling).

Starting a Horror Reading Group

A horror reading group is a group of members who get together on a set schedule to discuss horror books. These types of clubs could meet monthly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly.

In order to find members for your club, try posting a listing on an online classified site like Craigslist or hanging a flier at your local library or book store. Here are even more tips for starting a book club.

If you're looking for horror book club reading lists, start with these popular horror authors:

Once you've made your book selections and determined a schedule for your book club, just come up with some book questions and enjoy discussing your horror book club selections!

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