The Good Cook Book Club

Popular Chefs and Cookbooks 4 for $1 each

Why join the Good Cook Book Club? Well, If you're anything like me, you're always looking to expand your cookbook collection - and The Good Cook Book Club is a great way to do exactly that.

Cookbooks are one type of book you can't just check out of the library and return. You want to have them on your kitchen shelf to mark up, browse, and refer to as you cook.

The only problem is buying cookbooks can get expensive! A cookbook club solves that problem.

How The Cook Book Club Works

When you become a member of this cookbook club, you'll enjoy discounted cookbook prices because you're buying directly from the publisher.

And the best part? When you sign up, you'll get four cookbooks of your choice for just $1 each plus shipping and handling. Wow!

That could be an expensive cookbook like Julia Child's "The Art of French Cooking" or a gourmet cookbook club selection like the new cookbook from Thomas Keller, chef at the world-famous French Laundry in Napa Valley. These are hardcover, high-quality cookbooks for just $1 each!

What's the catch? In my opinion, there's not one.

If you choose to keep your introductory books (you can send them back with no obligation) you'll need to buy just two cookbooks at regular club prices over a year's time. Make sure to read your membership agreement when you join so you know exactly what to expect.

These are typically prices comparable to what you'd find in a bookstore, so what do you have to lose? Ready to get started?

>> Visit the Good Cook Book Club Website and Pick 4 Books for $1 Each!

What The Good Cook Book Club Offers

The cook book book club has a huge selection of cookbooks ranging from technique books to international cooking, gourmet cooking, light & healthy cookbooks, books from celebrity chefs like Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart, and even books about vegetable gardening and choosing the best ingredients.

Another bonus of the club is the magazine, which give book reviews and author interviews. This is very helpful for deciding which books to add to your collection.

The end result? More tasty recipes ... and more tasty meals for your friends and family!

Popular Chefs and Cookbooks 4 for $1 each