The Literary Guild Book Club

The Literary Guild Book Club

The Literary Guild Book Club (visit the website ) is a membership-style book clubs where you'll enjoy significantly reduced prices on popular books.

Here, we explain how to join, the benefits of membership and help you figure out whether this is the right book club for you.

What is the Literary Guild Book Club?

It's a membership book club, which means you buy books directly from the publisher. Basically, you're cutting out the middle man.

This book club is a little different from the other popular general-interest book club, Doubleday Book Club, in a couple of ways.

First, the prices at the Literary Guild book club are often a bit better (for example, the Nora Roberts novel Bed of Roses was recently listed at $12.99 versus $14.99 at Doubleday).

On the flip side, Doubleday has a larger selection, while the Literary Guild features a hand-picked selection by the club editors (still, you have thousands of books to choose from).

So if you want a bigger selection and are willing to pay slightly more, go with Doubleday. But if you're looking for the lowest prices, go with the Literary Guild.

>> Go to the Literary Guild website and choose your books.

Benefits of Membership

LGA - Literary Guild: 5 books for $.99

The biggest membership benefit is the five books you get at sign-up for just $0.99!

You can pick any books you want, from cookbooks to the latest hardcover bestsellers. A full list of benefits includes:

  • Five books for just $.99 at sign-up.
  • Purchase a sixth book for just $5.99 at sign-up (optional, counts towards your membership agreement fulfillment).
  • Buy discounted book at members-only prices.
  • Get a catalog once a month with recommendations, author interviews and book excerpts.
  • Choose from a variety of books including fiction, self-help, biographies, cookbooks and much more.

Important Tip: Be sure to read your membership agreement when you join so you'll know exactly what membership entails. Typically, you're agreeing to buy a certain number of books at club prices over the course of a year.

>> Go to the Literary Guild website.

Why Join?

The nearly-free books are a big reason to join.

If you buy books on a regular basis and you order a few books at a time throughout the year(to reduce shipping and handling charges), you'll definitely save money over what you would have spent in the bookstore.

Also, the club catalog and feature club selections are great for helping you choose what you should read next.

Finally, if you belong to a book discussion club, this can be a great way to pick up the books your club is reading for lower prices.

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LGA: 5 books for $.99