Ancient Mirrors Tale Series - Book Club Reading Recommendation

by Stephanie
(Bloomington, Indiana)

I recommend the Ancient Mirrors Tale series of books by Jayel Gibson.

They are a series of fantasy novels, however they are very different than the average fantasy novel, because the main characters in these books are female.

It's very empowering to read such books because usually it is males that have the role of saving the world from ruin!

Instead, this book offers up a compelling female character who is torn by her emotions and will even go as far as to betray those around her.

She has a big dilemma to solve, and I think that this series is excellent. All females should read these books!

Note from Megan, Editor of The Book Club Guide

Thanks for the reading recommendation Stephanie!

I have never heard of this series before, but I enjoy science fiction and fantasy. I completely agree - it is challenging to find books in this genre with compelling female characters! Two others that come to mind are the Kushiel's Dart series and The Hunger Games.

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