Book Club Questions for Non-Fiction

book club questions

These non-fiction book club questions will help get your book club discussion going in the right direction.

While many book groups have leaned towards fiction books in the past, more are adding non-fiction to their book reading lists or even forming entirely non-fiction book groups.

Whether you're a regular reader of non-fiction or are relatively new to the genre, these generic questions for non-fiction discussion will help!

Suggested Questions for Non-Fiction

  • What was the most memorable part of this book for you? Why did it make an impression?

  • Read your favorite passage from the book out loud and explain why you liked it or what it made you think about.

  • Did the author attempt to take a stance on this issue, or was the book relatively impartial? Why do you think this?

  • How did the author's voice or opinions shape your understanding of this subject?

  • Was this non-fiction book fun to read, or was it a little dry? Did the authore need to "spice it up" or "tone it down"? How could they have managed that?

  • How did this book change your views on the subject matter it presented? Are your opinions different now than they were before reading the book?

  • What do you think of the people or person who appeared in the book (if any). Discuss their motivations and character. Are the "good", "bad" or something in between?

  • What made this book different than other books on this subject? Do you think it is better or worse than other books on this subject matter?

More Book Question Resources

These are a list of questions to get you started thinking about what you should discuss in your book group - but they're by no means an extensive list.

You may want to think of some questions specific to your reading selection, or use these questions as a jumping-off point to form some of your own. Consider the questions of character, theme and setting as you shape your book club questions.

Don't forget to set ground rules for your book club discussion and most importantly, enjoy!

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