Book Recommendation - Gentleman's Agreement by Laura Z. Hobson

by Charloatte
(New Orleans, LA , USA)

Besides being a good book to read for your book club, you can also schedule a time to view the DVD since the book was made into a riveting movie that stars Gregory Peck and Helen Mirren.

In the story, a writer is tasked with writing a piece on antisemitism and chooses to pose as a Jew in order to have a compelling thread to his story line.

His experiences are predictable and the book and the movie both have the "Hollywood ending", but nevertheless the topic is relevant today.

I can envision book club groups exploring and discussing the theme in the larger context of 21st century politics, gender rights, hate crimes and the struggles of under-represented groups.

I read this book for an English project in high school and just read it again (50 years later) after watching the DVD. It was just as thought-provoking to be now as it was half a century ago.

Note from Megan, Editor of the Book Club Guide

Thanks for the great review, excellent suggestions for book club discussion questions!

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