Book Suggestion - Neuromancer by William Gibson

by Otto Murphy

Neuromancer projects a dark, spindly future world into a visceral, three dimensional reality in the reader's head.

Gibson's bizarre and beautiful visions of a dystopian technology-dominated world ruled by corporations are integrated flawlessly into a picaresque journey of epic proportions.

This is the kind of book I could read over and over again, because the text has a level of aesthetic found in visual art and music where every turn is fresh and knowledge of the overall plot does not spoil the ride.

The book follows the adventures of a hacker called Case, and his interactions with a dystopian infrastructure of men and machines.

Ubiquitous plastic surgery redefines classical notions of beauty, and silicon chips embedded in the skulls of the city's hipster youth bring up deep philosophical questions about human knowledge and behavior as representatives of identity.

The book has served as inspiration for countless works of art, such as the blockbuster film "The Matrix", and is responsible for the introduction of the term "cyberspace" into the English lexicon.

Note from Megan, editor of The Book Club Guide

Thanks for bringing this important work (and Hugo Award winner) to our attention, Otto. Great review.

This book would certainly be on the must-read list for any sci fi book club, and a great read for others looking to try something different.

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