How I Started My Own Book Club

Every night before I went to bed, my mother would read me a book to put me to sleep. She would tell me, “A story is much better when you have others to share it with.”

When my children grew up and went off to college, I had free time on my hands. While watching one of Oprah Winfrey’s talk shows on television one day, I was inspired on setting out on an endeavor: I was going to start my own book club! The idea of sharing a book with a group of friends who had read it too was exciting.

I asked around my neighborhood and friends if they were interested in forming a book club with me. I gathered seven women interested in sharing the same experience and we sat down one day at my house to organize meetings, selecting the days to meet and the time, the refreshments, and what types of books our club would primarily follow. Since Oprah was my inspiration, I suggested we follow her book club and the books she chose every month or so. We planned our monthly meetings on the same day Oprah would have her discussion meeting on TV so we could all watch the show together after our meeting.

We began holding our book club meetings after every two weeks at my house. Our first book to read was “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. We enjoyed it thoroughly as the story was rousing, and we met after reading every six chapters. We shared questions, thoughts and ideas of the writer and suggestions of what might happen next in the proceeding chapters. Each of us would bring a refreshment to eat with coffee - which I was in charge of.

After six months, our book club members have gone up to 12 and we have read five books. The discussions we have over refreshments helps facilitate a lively discussion of the books we read and we always have a happy reading now!

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