Paperback Swap Tips

Paperback Swap

A paperback swap can be a fun activity for a book club, a fundraiser for your organization, or just a great way to find more books to read for free!

How to Organize a Book Swap

Organizing a book exchange is pretty simple. Here are the basic steps:

  • First, determine the purpose of your book exchange. Are you just interested in getting a group of friends together and exchanging books? Or, are you interested in organizing a larger event as a fundraiser for a school or non-profit organization?
  • Next, send out invitations and publicize your swap. The more people that sign up for your book swap, the more books everyone will have to choose from. If you are hosting a fundraiser, send out notice in your organization's newsletter or email list serve.
  • Determine how you'll organize the exchange. If it's a fundraiser, you'll want to charge an entrance fee, such as $5 or $10. When someone enters the book swap, issue them tickets or credits based on the number of books they bring. Then, they can take that same number of books with them.
  • Make it fair. Don't let your swap turn into a feeding frenzy. If you only have a few people, take turns picking books. If you're hosting a fundraiser, have people drop off books one day, organize them by category, and then hold the book swap on another day. Make sure you have a clear starting time so everyone has a fair start!

You may also want to check out this online version of a book swap, where you only pay shipping to exchange books with other users.

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