Syrup by Max Barry - Book Club Suggestion

by Andrea F
(New Zealand)

Syrup by Max Barry is book that I have read many times, and yet it still manages to make me laugh out loud. I think this is a book that will promote plenty of discussion amongst its readers.

Syrup is short enough to read in one sitting, which is useful. It was memorable because of its humor and its unique take on the world of the powerful corporation (in this case, Coca-cola).

It doesn't try to follow a bestselling formula and please everyone, and for this reason it is perhaps one of the lesser-known books by this author.

I will admit that there is still room for improvement within the story, however this is barely noticeable throughout such an interesting book.

Unique, very funny and slightly quirky, this book is certainly an experience and will give any book club something to talk about! You may even learn some interesting facts about marketing along the way.

Note from Megan, Editor of the Book Club Guide

Thanks for taking the time to review this book for us, Andrea. Sounds like a good choice for a non-fiction book club.

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