The Devlin Diary - Book Recommendation

by David
(Medford, Oregon)

This work of fiction is written by Christi Phillips, also the other of 'The Rosetti Letter'.

The book centers around two female protagonists, one from modern times and one from the days of Charles II, King of England in 1672.

While I tend to read more science fiction and classics, I have recently begun reading several modern fiction works that take true historical figures and entwine them in a fictional tale.

'The Devlin Diary' is one of those books and I have found it immensely enjoyable in the way in which it both elucidates the past and piques your interest in the mystery being explored.

Book clubs will like this book because it delves into issues about the ways in which women have gained greater freedom through the centuries.

Hannah Devlin, the female protagonist from 1672 and a true historical character, is a doctor. Or she would be one if she were allowed to practice, but since she is a woman it isn't legal to openly practice.

Claire Donovan, the modern day protagonist, is a Ph.D. lecturing at Trinity College in England.

There are elements of similarity and difference between the two characters that highlight much of what has changed in the world in the past 300 years.

Along with this interesting parallel, there is a great little murder mystery woven through the centuries that keeps you interested all the way through!

Note from Megan, Editor of The Book Club Guide

Thanks for the insightful review David, you've given us a lot to think about!

This sounds like a book that readers of authors like Philippa Gregory might enjoy. I think 'fictional history' is such an interesting genre, and this book seems like a great example.

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