The Godfather Book Review

by Tarun Goel

Godfather is a great literary work by Mario Puzo. The book is about the mafia don Vito Corleone and his matchless and intelligent sense of business.

The book describes the character and story in such a way that one would never want to put the book down without finishing it.

The mafia gang-war, thrilling plot and the highest levels of silent intellect shown by the characters of the story make this book a must-read for book lovers.

The book not only talks about business and the underworld but throws light on the important aspects of life like love, affection and emotions.

The twisting life brings the innocent kid of the Don into the dirty business, and the way he handles settling accounts with his enemies is the most interesting and engrossing part of the book. The book is recommended to every member of every book club.

Note from Megan, Editor of the Book Club Guide: Thanks for your input, Tarun. I always think it is interesting when book clubs read books that have been adapted into movies. Most book readers always say "the book is so much better!"

Comparing the movie versions with the book is a good topic of discussion, and it's interesting to see what themes and characters remain intact and which are significantly changed (for better or worse) in the movie.

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