The Interior by Lisa See - Book Recommendation

The Interior by Lisa See is a mystery novel set in modern-day China.

It's a mystery novel with a complex love story involved, as well as some political elements. However, it's not a glitz-and-glamour international intrigue story.

There is a woven quality to this book, with the different thematic elements - rural farming versus manufacturing, family obligations versus business - passing over and under each other.

This is what pulls the reader in right away, and since the book is fast-paced, it really becomes a page-turner as you go along.

This would be a great choice for a book club group, because there's a lot of material to discuss here. There is the basic story that will appeal to any mystery fan. There is the examination of various elements of life in China today.

This will be of interest both to those who were familiar with Chinese culture and to those who are newcomers.

Finally, there are universal themes to be explored. There is a lot to think about, plus the book is entertaining. This would be a great choice for a book club.

Note from Megan, editor of The Book Club Guide

Thanks for the great review. I'm a huge fan of Lisa See's work. Her wonderful book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan has been a long-time favorite of book clubs across the country.

This book (an earlier work, her third novel) would surely be a great choice for any book club or reader!

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