The Stranger by Chris VanAlsburg

by S. Donahue

The Stranger by Chris VanAlsburg is a wonderful twist on the old tale of Jack Frost.

This story tells the tale of a stranger who appears down the road from a farm one day.

He does not remember who he is, but the family takes him in and feeds him dinner. They take the stranger in and put him to work until he can remember who he is.

Oddly, fall seems very late to come that year. Why would that be?

The illustrations are incredible, half in color and half in black and white. The color pages blaze with the shades of autumn.

As always, VanAlsburg brings a unique spirit to each of his characters, engaging the reader with simplicity and elegance.

My first grade teacher read this book to me more than twenty years ago and I read it to my children every fall.

This is a classic that should be on every child’s shelf.

Note from Megan, Editor of The Book Club Guide

Thanks so much for sharing your story. Isn't it amazing how books you loved as a child are the ones you remember the best?

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