About the Troll Book Club

The Troll Book Club is also called the TrollCarnival Book Club.

It is a great choice for teachers who want to earn free supplies for their classrooms while providing their students the opportunity to buy discounted, age-appropriate books.

Recently, this book club has been combined with Scholastic to make things a little easier with teachers, so the catalogs all arrive together in one set.

But, the lower Troll prices are still available, and you can still sign up on the Troll Carnival website.

About Troll Books

Getting started with TrollCarnival is easy. On their website, you can find all the materials you need to sign up. Troll suggests that you:

  • Get students excited
  • Make book recommendations to students and parents
  • Explain to parents that by ordering from the club they are supporting your classroom
  • Send a flyer home with kids for ordering
  • Sent a letter home to parents explaining the club

After that, you collect the orders and submit them online, by phone, fax or mail. Every dollar spent earns you credit for books, software and other resources for your classroom.

Troll Books Levels

There are several different levels of Troll books you can choose from to make sure students are choosing age appropriate books. Those levels are:

  • Toddler-4 (Honeybees)
  • PreK (Firefly)
  • K-1 (SeeSaw)
  • 2-3 (Lucky)
  • 4-5 & 6 (Arrow)
  • 7 & up (TAB)
  • Teens (TRC)

Within these levels, teachers are encouraged to pick out their favorite books to recommend to their students and parents. They can even invite Troll to their school for a Troll Book Fair.

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