Tuesday Night Book Club
A Book Club Problems Example

Most people have never heard of the show Tuesday Night Book Club, which is a great example of book club problems.

The show aired on CBS back in 2006, and it was reality TV show based on dishing gossip of Phoenix-area women, much like a reality version of Desperate Housewives with some Real Housewives of Orange County thrown in.

The premise of the show was that a group of diverse women would get together and talk about a book once a week. However, in the show the discussion always seemed to get off track!

Tuesday Night Book Club

Instead of talking about the chick lit book they were supposed to be reading, they gossiped about love, money, sex and all the problems of their lives.

In fact, many of the women never even read the book selection for the week.

Though the women in the reality show didn't seem to mind, in real life this book club problem plagues many reading groups!

Avoiding Book Club Problems

To avoid having this happen to your book club, it's important to set some ground rules and stick to them. These tips will help:

  • Make sure people are actually doing the reading. If a member consistently doesn't have time to read the book, maybe book club is not a good fit for them.
  • Set an agenda that includes a few minutes for chit-chat at the beginning of the meeting, then get down to business.
  • Assign one person the job of moderator at each meeting. It's their job to make sure everyone gets a chance to speak and the meeting stays on track.

If you stick to your ground rules, you'll avoid the book club problems experienced by the women of the Tuesday Night Book Club!

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