Where's Spot by Eric Hill

"Where's Spot" is a board book of about 12 pages where a child will help look for a puppy named Spot who is hiding somewhere in the house.

As the child turns each page there is a new hiding spot covered by interactive cardboard flaps, and the child can lift the flaps in order to see if Spot is hiding under the flap.

This is a great book for early readers who are learning to turn pages and recognizing words by repetition.

The flaps are sturdy but may require adult supervision so they are not torn or bent in the process of looking under them.

There are other Spot books about the same puppy ,so it is part of a series of books which is also beneficial for early learners who are new to recognition and repetition.

The book is also affordable. It can be found for $8, which is the list price on the back of the book.

Note from Megan, Editor of the Book Club Guide

Thanks for the recommendation!

Repetition is such a huge part of learning to read. Children need to see a word many times in order to understand the word on the page goes with the sound they're making, and these books really help them grasp that connection.

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