About Book Club Lists

Book Club Lists

Book club lists are an important way to keep a record of what books your book club has read, and what books it would like to read in the future.

A simple way to keep your list of book club books is to post it online. These days, it's easy and free to make a site for your organization using online services. I recommend Google Sites because it has plenty of interactive tools so all your book club members can contribute. You can also keep up-to-date meeting information, book information, member contact information and more.

Deciding what books to put on your future book list can be a challenge. For help, check out our book club recommendations and book club reading list pages.

Oprah book club selections are also popular choices for fiction book clubs.

Remember, the responsibility for compiling a book list shouldn't fall on one member! Ask each member to bring just a few suggestions, and then you compile your book list together.

In addition to the many book recommendations you'll find on The Book Club Guide website, ask your friends or your local librarian for recommendations. Sometimes learning about a book from a person you trust is extremely helpful!

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