Free Romance Books

Have you always wondered where you can find free romance books? Well, it's not as hard as it sounds to find romance books online and near your home for little or no money!

We're talking books from your favorite romance authors and high-quality free romance stories.

The Hunt for Free Romance Novels
Starts at Your Library

Borrow from the library:

Though many people don't make enough use of it, your library is a fantastic source for free romance books, whether you're looking to borrow or buy.

Borrowing romance books from your local library is simple. All you need is a library card and a little bit of time to browse and pick out books from your favorite author!

If you're shy about checkout most libraries now offer self checkout options. But remember, there's no need to be embarrassed. Many librarians enjoy reading romance novels themselves, and they're some of the most popular books at the library.

Buy from the Library:

Libraries are also a good option to buy romance books extremely inexpensively. Every so often, all libraries need to clear off their shelves to make rooms for new books.

So, they hold book sales every for the public. I've seen huge grocery bags of popular romance books sold for just a couple dollars - enough reading to last you a long time! Check with your librarian to see when and where they hold these used book sales.

Get Free Romance Ebooks Online

The best way to get high-quality romance ebooks online is your library as well.

Sure, there are some free websites out there that tell you they have free romance books online. But the truth is, these are often ebooks by little-known authors and are frequently not very well written, or otherwise sadly out of date.

On the other hand, if you visit your library's website with your library card in hand, you'll probably be able to check out many new ebooks free and read them right from home (or work!).

The most-used ebook service is called Netlibrary. Your library may also have other similar services. Simply log onto this site with your library card and read away! Your librarian will be happy to tell you more about this service.

Join a Romance Book Club

Joining a romance book club gives you the opportunity to buy romance novels from top romance authors directly from the publisher at extremely discounted prices.

For example the Rhapsody Book Club offers a huge variety of romance novels including paranormal romance and new historical romance books. In fact, it has such a great historical selection it's perfect if you're looking for a historical romance book club.

When you join the club, you get four books for just a dollar and a fifth book free! Then, you'll enjoy the club's low prices, the club magazine with romance book reviews and romance book author interviews.

Become a Fan

One more way to get inexpensive romance books is to become a fan of your favorite romance publishers and authors on social networking sites like Facebook.

For example, Avon romance recently gave away a pack of free romance books by popular authors like Stephanie Laurens on its Facebook fan page (only seven people entered the contest!).

If your favorite authors and publishers have email newsletters, sign up for those as well and enter the contests they send out.

Get Creative

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have friends that are also romance readers, organize a paperback swap and exchange books.

Or, go onto an online classified service like Craigslist and post a wanted ad or see who may be selling romance books (sometimes readers sell them in bulk for low prices).

Check out our free book club tips for more advice on finding free or low-cost books!

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